About us

The London Royals Hockey Club is the first openly LGBTQ+ Hockey Club in the UK. We are based in Central London E1W 2QD with three available teams to join: the Ladies' Team, The Mens' Team or the Mixed Team. Although aimed at the LGBTQ+ community we are open to all.

With over 10 experience, we cater from beginners to more experienced players with dedicated coaches and regular training sessions. Members are given the opportunity to play at a competitive level against nationwide teams.

We are also just as sociable off the pitch: many events are organised throughout the year and we have members who, through injury or busy lives, cannot play any longer or as often as other members but who can be just as actively involved in the club socially.

International and national tours are organised each year. This year alone we have been to Miami, Brighton and Amsterdam. In the past we have been to Berlin, Leeds, Stockholm and Dublin to name but a few!

A word from our Ladies' Captain

What I am looking forward to most about this season is making the women's section stronger and making steps to provide more playing opportunities in a social environment

A word from our Men's Captain

Our team is going from strength to strength. The new members never fail to bring fresh attitude whilst the more seasonned players maintain wisdom.

It’s easy to join, simply click and fill out the form, one of the team will get in contact with you.
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"What I love most about the royals is how much it feels like a family; the support, the friendships, the banter and unitedness is unlike any other club or sports team. All this whilst maintaining individuality and a fabulous melting pot of diversity" - Lu