London Royals Ladies Team StockholmRoyals Ladies Team

The Royals have strong numbers for the Ladies 30+ and growing. Currently this season (2015/2016) the ladies take part in 7 aside matches during the week. They also play in the mixed matches and also this year at the Euro Gay Games took two women’s teams to Stockholm where they also brought the gold medal home.
As with the club as a whole, many players also play for other Saturday League clubs, this is why the Royals is so well placed for any player of any ability. As we train and play on Sundays this allows the casual player as well as the seasoned player to enjoy the club. So even if you play for another club, you can still join in and also play for the Royals.

If you would like to come, drop us a line using any of our forms of Social Media, join our Facebook group and post us a message. Tweet us on Twitter. Or visit our Join us! page to send Heena, Tracy and Matt a message that you would be interested in coming along soon.