Women’s match against Braintree

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Women’s match against Braintree

Total recall of Women’s match against Braintree 4 (or 3?):

Almost forgot to write it… But before I forget all of it (and to be honest, most of it is gone already), quick match report form the Women’s game on Saturday. Home game in the middle of the night, or so it felt, past my bedtime in any case, against a side travelling from afar: Braintree (I think it was Braintree. Or Brentwood? Barnstaple?). There were a lot of us (14? 16? Something like that, I seem to recall), and not quite so many of them (possibly).

Braving the elements (I think it may have been raining, or snowing, or sleeting, or maybe not?) in the dark, we played a good game and distributed the ball well (or was that in training?). Luckily, it always found its way to Harri in the end, who scored ALL of our 5 goals (that part I’m remembering well). There was a lot of good passing, pressure on their 16s, and general running around.

Jamie did an excellent job subbing and very much enjoyed being in charge (or rather enjoyed being made to think he was in charge…), and the cheerleaders did well, too. Or at least, knowing them, am fairly sure they did, it’s all a bit hazy, being such a long time ago.

MVP: Maya, for being everywhere, all the time
DoD: Me because I have to write this, but can’t recall why. No wait, I tumbled, I think. Backwards. About 50m away from ball, player, and goal. But no idea why that’s a DoD. — with Sarah Gray.